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The Cathedral Village Arts Festival Volunteer Application

The Cathedral Village Arts Festival is coming up fast, from May 22nd – 27th! We look forward to working with you to put together another memorable event for everyone in our community.

After filling out the form below, you’ll get an email with more information. You’ll also get an email at the beginning of May to sign up for specific shifts for our festival.

Please reach out to us at volunteer@cvaf.ca if you have any ideas, concerns, or questions. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Volunteer Roles

You may sign up for any number of roles/duties in your application. Read the description for each role below.

Shift available Saturday, May 20th – Sunday, May 28th

This group puts up and takes down tents, stages, chairs, etc. It will require some heavy lifting.

Shifts on Monday, May 22nd

This team helps to sell tickets, cook hotdogs, and provide the food to our crowd. Some volunteers also ask for donations.

Shifts on Monday, May 22nd

The Parade Crew helps our parade participants set up for event.

Shift on the evening of Thursday, May 25th or Friday, May 26th, weather dependent

On the Thursday or Friday evening of the festival, we’ll need six volunteers to assist in marking out the stalls for Saturday’s event. You will need to be able to walk from Albert Street through to Elphinstone street twice. Bending and work with spray paint are required.

Monday, May 22nd – Saturday, May 27th

This team takes donations from participants, answers questions from festival-goers, and takes a count of the attendees at the various events throughout the week.

Shifts on Early Saturday Morning, May 27th and throughout the day until ~ an hour after the street fair closes

  • Early Morning Shift Volunteers help the vendors by answering questions, directing vendors to their assigned stalls, ensuring vendor setup follows outlined guidelines and ensuring traffic safety. 6 teams of 2 are needed for the morning shifts.
  • Daytime Volunteers will work together in pairs to answer questions of festival-goers, direct those in need to first aid, watch to ensure outlined guidelines of vendors are being followed and direct traffic away from the event as needed. 8 teams of 2 will be needed.
  • Closing Crew Volunteers will be required to monitor street entry and exits as vendors pack up and leave the festival. Volunteers will need to be able to move barricades back and forth depending on traffic. Individuals and teams of volunteers will also need to be able to ensure that patrons and pedestrians do not cross when unsafe. Ideally, a team of 2 will be stationed at each set of corners along the route (10 pairs).

Shifts available on Saturday, May 27th

Funville is the family friendly area where kids can take part in exciting activities and families can get some down time from the busyness of the street fair. Volunteers help direct children and families to the Participation Stations, assisting with any setup necessary. They also help collect donations at the door of the Big Top Tent during any performances. At the end of the day they help with takedown of the Participation Stations and help with the general clean-up of the area. A police check will be necessary for this position.

Shifts available Monday, May 22nd – Saturday, May 27th

This team helps to set up the audio for events throughout the week.

Volunteer Application